April 04, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Switzerland!

The view from my room of Lake Geneva

Last summer, I was lucky enough to spend one month living in Switzerland doing an internship with a non-profit organization.

Switzerland is an absolutely beautiful country (although very, very expensive). I was there between July and August so the weather was perfect for me. Not too hot and not too cold. The people there seem to live a very relaxed lifestyle and were, overall, very kind and friendly. I LOVE swimming and it was so fun to be able to swim in Lake Geneva with such amazing scenery surrounding me.

I got the opportunity to experience the French and German sides of Switzerland when I visited both Geneva and Zurich. There was actually a funny/interesting moment I witnessed on a train when two guys were arguing with each other in different languages - one used French and the other used Swiss German. They both understood and responded to each other's comments over the course of the argument in their own language!

The chocolate in Switzerland really does live up to its hype.  I think I gained 5 pounds the first week from all the chocolate I just had to try. Here is a picture I took of the just a small portion of the chocolate section at Migros (a Swiss supermarket chain):

Looking at these pictures brings back such nostalgia! I definitely will one day (money permitting), but there is so much more of the world I would love to see first.

Jenn x

Where do you want to travel to next?


  1. What an amazing view I love Switzerland only been there for a few days but definitely somewhere I want to revisit.

    Lovely blog Hun I have followed you on blog luvin

    Carrieanne x


  2. I've never been but I really want to go! Is it really that expensive even in dollars? Eeek, I should save more before I head there.


  3. That view is so breathtaking!!


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