March 25, 2013

Q&A a day: 5 year journal


365 questions. 5 years. 1825 answers.

I'm absolutely in love with  this journal! I've always loved the idea of keeping a diary of sorts, but find it hard to actually commit to it and write entries everyday. This is the perfect answer to it! I purchased this journal about a year ago on Amazon ($13.86 CAD) and have been (mostly~) dutiful about filling in entries every day. It's so fun and interesting to revisit old answers and see what frame of mind you were exactly just a year ago. Sometimes completely different, sometimes no different at all.

The journal itself very well built. It has gold trimmed pages which brings the overall aesthetic up a notch (I'm a sucker for pretty things!) 

Questions range from reflective type questions, to fun and normal everyday descriptive questions. 
Examples: What is your resolution for tomorrow? How many stamps are in your passport? What are you chasing at the moment? Did you kiss someone today (Valentine's day question, haha)

 Do you keep a journal?

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